How do we Solve Homelessness?

  • Most people who are homeless in San Diego only need a small amount of help to get back into a home.

    • Most people experiencing homelessness in San Diego need help finding a place to live and covering the initial expense (e.g. deposit, first and last months' rent), as well as help increasing their income. Then again, some people have disabling conditions and have been homeless for long periods of time, so they need more assistance to stay in a home.

    • There are various types of housing assistance that fill these needs, but the two that have proven the most effective at getting people off the street and back into their own homes are Rapid Re-Housing and Supportive Housing.

    • In addition, every city in the world needs homes that residents can afford to live in. When large numbers of people in a city can't afford the cost of housing, homelessness there tends to increase.

Affordable Housing

  • Affordable Housing is a critical part of ending homelessness. An affordable home, according to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, is one that costs a resident 30% or less of their income to stay in.

  • Housing that is affordable to individuals at different income levels is an important part of a well-run city. It's how doctors, firefighters, school teachers, and restaurant workers are all able to live in the same area.

  • As the population in San Diego increases, the city needs to build more housing, including affordable housing. San Diego's population growth has outpaced its increase in housing units, resulting in higher housing costs.

Resources and Strategies for Increasing the Number of Affordable Homes in our Region